Elly Thorn: Canada’s Refugee Story

Elly Thorn is a good friend of mine. She's got a huge heart and wears her emotions on her sequinned-ilined sleeve. When the refugee crisis hit mainstream media, like many of us, Elly was moved to do something. Inspired by a couple of ladies who approached her at her last concert, she contacted Cynthia Block and TYP to help with an idea; show the day to day life of Syrian refugees settling into Saskatoon accompanied by Thorn-original. Something so seemingly simple hooked a $110,000 donation from the well-known Nasser family as well as an outpouring of love and support from Canadians across the nation. For every $1 download of "You Didn't Even Know Me", funds will be matched and all proceeds donated to refugees in Canada. See ellythorn.com for more.