Creative Kids/Creative Mayhem

Now this was a pretty cool event for a pretty cool cause. Creative Kids raises money to put underprivilaged children in dance, music lessons, art lessons, cultural activities- basically anything not sport-based. (There already are foundations that support kids and sporting activities.)

So, in walks Kim Coates, with his can-do attitude and ridiculously good acting skills... and I say 'hey, YOU, get over here and read this damned script." So he does. (That is not at all how it happened. It was pre-planned, and I was shy.)
Then I walked over to the Sheepdogs during rehearsal for the evening performance and showed them how to play a guitar with matchsticks. Ewan, who was totally blown away, agreed to be in the video. (Draw your own conclusion.)

The event raised $85,000 and I loved capturing every corner of it like some creepy camera lady in the shadows. Thank you Jami Young for the opportunity and good luck with next years' event!