The Anatomy Of Video Production

Video is everywhere around us these days. With the rise of smartphones and social media, the average person can now document every moment of their life and share it instantly with the world.

But shooting a quick snippet on your phone is very different from creating a well-crafted professional video. So what is it like producing a professional video?

Typically, there are three stages of the production process.

The first is pre-production; this is the planning phase, where you brainstorm ideas, meet with clients, figure out what the video requires and how you’re going to accomplish that, schedule shooting dates and locations, etc.

Once you’ve got a solid plan and are ready to move on it, it’s time to head into the production phase, which is where you do the actual filming of the video. This can take you literally anywhere, from the comfort of your office or studio to a remote location hours away or even another country. (see my previous blog post, “Variety Is The Spice Of Life”, for more info)

Finally, you get to post-production, where you take all of that glorious footage, cut it together, and throw on music, graphics, etc. The editing process is often where the video truly comes to life and finds its identity. This can be a short process or it can be a very long one, depending on the type of project.

If you’re recording a livestreamed multi-cam event, the bulk of the work will be done in the production process, with many hours spent setting up equipment and then filming the event, which could potentially last all day. Afterwards, the video is pretty much edited already and requires very little additional work. The event speaks for itself and is the star of the show.

On the other hand, most of the work involved in creating a cinematic narrative video occurs in the pre- and post- production phases, with the actual filming taking up comparatively little time or resources. It’s all that planning and crafting that makes this project shine.

And of course, there are all kinds of projects that fit somewhere in between.

Like an onion, the process of a creating a great, professional video is composed of different layers, and each of these is crucial to the structure of the whole thing. And with a professional production house like Honey Cut, we’ve got plenty of experience across every step of the process. But unlike an onion, we promise going through these layers won’t make you cry!

So if you need a little more than just an impulsively shot smartphone video, come see us and let us work our magic.