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A Saskatoon-based video production company

We sure as heck know how to tell a story. With nearly 30 years in the television news industry, we've learned to take information in all forms, craft a visual and insightful story and deliver it to the masses. Now that we've built our own busy hive to work in, the tools are infinite and the craft has become something way beyond a passion. Our clients love our process, the finished product and the results those videos generate.  From corporate videos to broadcast commercials, training videos to testimonials, documentaries to animations, Honey Cut Studios is one of the few production companies in Canada that can deliver the range of services we do, all in-house. We are incredibly cost-effective and our turnaround time is- hands down- the fastest in the industry.


Your company vision is key to your success. We will help you bring that vision to life on screen by telling your story in a way that engages/captures the attention of your audience. From script to storyboard, filming to animation, graphics to music - Honey Cut Studios will be there every creative step of the way to make your brand shine. We can add animated graphics that help relay complex information like statistics and timelines or creatively insert historical photos or video. We'll produce an inspiring promotional video or series that people actually want to watch and won't forget.


Animation is a fresh and compelling way to present information. It can simplify concepts and explain them in a highly visual way that you just can't get with a traditional camera recording. Animation manipulates reality - providing an excellent opportunity to artistically integrate logos, brand images and color schemes to create a new perspective that sparks interest and awakens curiosity. Full animation or incorporating animated elements into a video can strike the perfect balance between fun, casual and professional.


Internal Training- If you have team members to train, video is the most effective tool in the corporate world. Different locations, time zones or conflicting work shifts - video will reach them all with a message that is concise and engaging. Honey Cut can help you create a clear and concise training outline- step by step, incorporate graphics, text and animation with real life visuals to train the heart of your company in an innovative way that means business.

External Training- Sharing your expertise on a given topic couldn't be easier! Let us help you organize your thoughts, prepare your script and map out the best way to relay the information. We can hold your hand through the process and create a finished product that will fly above the wave of educational videos on the web.

Social Media

We'll make your content clickable and always advise you on the most efficient way to achieve your goals. We can create one-time magical posts or you can opt for a subscription service where we plan out your video content for the year. This content can come from our camera, your camera, doesn't matter. We'll make it sing.

You want to record the content yourself? No problem! We'll help you set up a studio in your office and walk you through the filming and editing process, step by step. If ever you need us at short notice, we’ll be able to make our video team available to you quickly.


Seeing a customer or client endorse your company in their own words is hugely impactful. Let us highlight your company's successes or services in the most compelling and sincere form; the customer testimonial. Testimonials are an essential marketing strategy that prove you genuinely understand and meet the needs of your clients.

Documentary & TV Series

We do like more elaborate projects as well. We pitched and produced a ten-episode television series called #IGotThis which aired on AMI Television in 2020. We spent months researching, scriptwriting, and filming people across the province. We then hunkered down in our edit suites to meticulously craft ten complex, but compelling stories. We also completed two seasons of a yoga tv series called Relax and Renew with Kevin Naidoo.

AMI was very happy with the finished product and throughout the process, we created a long-lasting relationship with the network.

Charity / Non-Profit

Video is a brilliant way to raise awareness and boost the fundraising potential of your organization. We will communicate your story in a genuine and compassionate way that stirs up emotion and moves people to take action. We know the importance behind every dollar you spend and we'll make sure the video shows your value to supporters while inspiring the community.  And we are always conscious to treat you and those involved with sensitivity.

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