Ready for Summer!

Summertime is finally here in Saskatoon! I always try to take advantage of the warm weather, seeing as we only get 3 months. I love when everything greens up around the city and all the patios come alive with a variety of characters! And it looks like we will have some hot weather this weekend. Luckily at Honey Cut, we get to shoot outside, which is great this time of year. I still need to get better at remembering sunscreen! Easy to forget until you get a burn that makes you look like a tomato! 

We had a recent shoot outside during the heat wave. It was for the new bicycle crossing signals for the City of Saskatoon. Great new addition for bikers to cross the street safely. It made me want to get on my bike and go for a ride! You could feel the heat by 10am and it kept creeping up as the day went on. Personally I enjoyed the heat, but it still felt nice to get back to the air conditioned office afterwards. There were quite a few bikers and walkers that passed by us while shooting. It was great to see lots of activity happening in the city. Everyone wanted to get out of the house to soak up some Vitamin D. 

So this is a reminder to everyone enjoying the hot weather … drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen! And have a great summer!

The Team getting ready to shoot the new bicycle crossing signals.