Jen’s story

It was time. I had a decision to make. A big fat scary one.
Do I stay with the familiar, stable and uninspiring? Or do I take a leap into the new, unknown and enticing?
Lucky for me, it was the best decision I could have made.
That was three years ago. And here I am today – living my best creative life with Tara and Holly!
CTV News was my cozy home for almost 20 years, but it was time for me to leave the nest. I needed more. Professionally and personally.
I found both, and then some, at Honey Cut Studios.
We are a team where the strengths of each individual shine and combine together to create magic. You can tell when someone loves what they do. And we love it! All we want is to make each client weep with joy over our incredible productions. Okay, not quite – but we give our all to ensure they are extremely pleased.
And it’s not just the work I enjoy, it’s the life balance. A kid’s dentist appointment? No problem. Need to leave early for swimming lessons? Off I go. At Honey Cut I feel trusted and appreciated.  So of course I’ll drive my truck in so we can stop at a random person’s house to pick up a massive wooden bench for our yoga series. Honey Cut is exactly what I was looking for.
Tara and I both took a chance on each other three years ago.
And hot damn am I glad we did.
Photo: Jen & Tara in CTV Saskatoon Studio – January, 2017.
Little did I know she’d steal me away a year later!