I’ll tell your story!

There was so much I didn’t realize when I left the world of television news and jumped into the universe of video production.

I thought my days of meeting new people, learning new things and telling engaging stories would become a fraction of what I produced as a busy news reporter. And I was a bit sad about that. For all of a day or so. Then, I was handed the rough footage of a documentary sequel that needed to be written along with new interviews shot. Um, what? Yes, please!!

And this was only the beginning.

Over the last three years I have met so many interesting people, learned a ridiculous amount of cool information and have been able to write or creatively arrange countless videos to tell a story. A story someone wants told, unlike many of the controversial tales we are required to write for a newscast. At Honey Cut, we’ve had clients from every aspect of business, government, television station, non-profit or community organization. We’ve met over 60 characters for our TV series alone. We’ve partnered with other colleagues in the business. We’ve introduced ourselves to restaurant owners to offer fun, free local videos. Everyone has a meaningful story that we bring to life.

I enjoy storytelling even more than I did before. Especially when I get to work with the Honey Cut team who improves every video to the next level. It’s so inspiring!

So, stay tuned … we have more crazy good stories coming down the pipe! And I can’t wait to help create them.

Jen interviewing a wheelchair fencing coach for #IGotThis