For the third year in a row, we are fortunate enough for spring to bring more than the arrival of nice weather. It has offered us another go at #IGotThis – the other television series we produce for AMI-TV. Check out my last blog post for details about our fabulous meditation/yoga series.
I didn’t realize the impact #IGotThis would make on me. I am more considerate about all aspects of accessibility.
In our series, we feature people with different abilities. They’ve had some form of vision or mobility loss – and they share their stories about the impact that loss has made on their mental health. I’m still amazed by the strong, everyday people we have met from all over Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and now Edmonton. They tell us it’s easy to spot the physical challenges of someone who can’t see well or who may be in a wheelchair. But what most people don’t see or talk about, are the mental health challenges. How the anxiety, worry, frustration, depression and constant concentration can lead to complete mental exhaustion. Imagine not being able to see. The amount of thought and planning just to get a few groceries can be overwhelming.
Now let me be clear – as the show carries on – you’ll realize it’s not all ‘doom and gloom’! The incredible people we have met talk about their low times, but they also share the positive ways they’ve found to cope and move past the dark times to find the good. That is the point of the show. To share uplifting, useful information with others who might be feeling the same way. Have we helped anyone? I sure hope so. Because that is our motivation as we get set to find, film and create Season 3 of #IGotThis.
Photo: #IGotThis Season 2 – Interview with Ross McCreery about his chronic pain.