Covid Creativity

The sun is shining! The geese are honking! And a caribou is trying to eat our tripod! Just another typical day at the office.
Seriously, how can we not love the diversity of our job? One day we’re filming covid vaccinations and the next we’re hanging out with caribou at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo. I’m so glad it’s open to the public so kids can see actual animals in real life. Not on a screen. Much of our world is still ‘virtual’ for school, meetings, conferences and events.  But that’s better than nothing. One positive to come from covid – the awakening of our brains to think outside the box. To imagine new ways of making life carry on. It’s not always easy, but it can be kinda fun.
Right now, we’re helping the Nutrien Children’s Festival of Saskatchewan pull together all its best bits and pieces to create an on-line festival so kids can still hear stories, watch science experiments, dance with a band and learn about some interesting animals. Like the curious caribou! We just filmed a zookeeper talking about her favourite animal while a few of her friends jumped around her. Did you know you can hear a caribou’s heels click every time they take a step? Me neither. This virtual video is a wonderful way to share the caribou with kids all over the province who may never get to see one. Or who may never get to attend the Festival in person. Now they can experience it – thanks to the creativity of the crew who figured out a way to make it happen.
I wonder how many events and jobs will be forever altered – in a better way – because of the changes covid forced upon us? All I know is I’m totally game to play along and invent new tactics along the way. Especially if I get to meet a caribou.