Cool Shoots

Amazing we have continued to film throughout all this covid craziness. We’ve had to re-schedule, re-think and re-define the way we shoot but we’ve always managed to get ‘er done. And a big shout out to all the clients who trusted us to do it.

The cool shoots keep on coming.

Remai Modern. It’s a rad space to begin with, but our most recent time at the museum was over the top. We interviewed two artists and the curator for the exhibition ‘Postcommodity’. Their powerful work was all over the building, Remai’s most significant presentation to date, and we had the opportunity to show it off. When the space itself is full of creativity to begin with, we flourish. Hello motorized camera slider! It helped make the outcome top notch.

These videos will hit the social media airwaves soon.

Curator Dr. Gerald McMaster: Postcommodity Installation