Challenge Accepted!

So long 2021, we are ready to take on 2022! At Honey Cut, things are winding down as we wait to go on our Christmas holiday. Crazy to think it is only a few days away!

We are tackling the stuff that tends to sit on the back burner- like organizing the equipment room! I gladly volunteered and kept myself busy for two full days. You never realize how much can fit in a room until you take everything out! Boxes, cables, hard drives … you name it, I organized it! The floor was covered and looked like complete chaos. But once I started to put things back it all came together!

In the end, everything was in its proper place, and it even freed up extra space on the shelves. Giving us the perfect excuse to get some new equipment! Lol

After seeing the room transformed, I felt accomplished! Which is a great way to end 2021!

From the Honey Cut team we wish you all a happy holiday! Cheers to the new year!

Nicole in the middle of the office in an organizing frenzy!