Calm before the Storm

It’s Friday of May long weekend. Unfortunately, it’s expected to be a dreary, cold, rainy/snowy May long weekend. I downed a coffee and a latte by 10:30. The boss is now gone. Holly is closed off in her office, like usual. So of course I bugged her a couple of times. I stood at my desk for a while. Now I’m sitting again. Staring at my computer. Transcribing interviews to start writing the next season of our TV series. Now, that actually is exciting – but it’s just one of those days. So … blah. I’m not even forming complete sentences, I do realize that.

Perhaps I’m trying to revel in ‘the calm before the storm’, as they say. And I don’t mean the actual calm of today before the expected weekend storm. I’m being witty and metaphorical here. I see up to four shoots in the next week and a half, with two handfuls of others waiting in the wings to book. We have two documentary ideas consistently floating in and over our heads, ready to take flight. We are expecting to hear back any day from numerous project proposals. And throughout all of this – we are prepping for a new soul to join our team (stay tuned for that post!) and we are in the process of hiring another fresh face as soon as possible (can’t wait to see who we find!).

I think maybe my brain is just slowing down as this week ends, to prepare me for possible craziness on the horizon. Good thing I don’t mind me a little crazy!

And I promise to re-discover my spunk over the long weekend.
Happy Victoria Day!

(Photo: some office color on this dingy day!)